Along with the Chief of Police, five additional department personnel make up the Command Staff of the Ceres Police Department. Comprised of one Captain, three Lieutenants and an Administrative Secretary to the Chief of Police, the Command Staff oversees the day-to-day running and administration of the entire department.

Command Staff

Brent Smith

Chief Brent Smith

Phone: 209-538-5726
Email Brent Smith

Richard Collins

Captain Richard Collins

Phone: 209-538-5607
Email Richard Collins

James Yandell

Lieutenant James Yandell

A Squad
Phone: 209-538-5721
Email James Yandell

Christopher Perry

Lieutenant Christopher Perry

B Squad
Phone: 209-538-5723
Email Chris Perry

Patrick Crane

Lieutenant Patrick Crane

Special Operations
Phone: 209-538-5743
Email Patrick Crane

Marcy Pederson

Marcy Pederson

Administrative Secretary
Phone: 209-538-5726
Email Marcy Pederson

Administrative Sergeant

Greg Yotsuya

Sergeant Greg Yotsuya

Phone: 209-538-5719
Email Greg Yotsuya

Working side-by-side with the Command Staff is the Administrative Sergeant, Greg Yotsuya, who is responsible for the following:

  • ABC Licenses
  • Business Licenses for:
    • Bingo Halls
    • Firearms Dealers
    • Second Hand Dealers/Pawn Shops
  • Chaplains and Volunteers
  • Liaison between the CPD and Ceres Unified School District
    • Oversees School Resource Officers
  • Professional Standards
  • Records Division
  • Special Investigations