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How do I obtain a Business License?

1. Read all information provided before filling out application.
2. Fill out application including date business or work (if you are a contactor or outside company) started in Ceres city limits.
3. Sign and date the form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
4. Return to the City:
Application must be approved by the City’s Planning and Building department located at 2220 Magnolia St.

Additional approval may be required depending on the type of business being conducted.

The City of Ceres has partnered with MuniServices, LLC to assist in the business license process. Mail completed form and payment to MuniServices, LLC at the remittance address provided below. Application must be approved by the City's Planning and Building departments before issuance of license. Additional approval may be required depending on the type of business being conducted.

Mail Business License Forms, Correspondence, Payments, Etc. to:

City of Ceres, CA
c/o MuniServices, LLC
438 East Shaw Avenue Box 367
Fresno, CA 93710

Toll Free Phone: (866) 240-3665
Toll Free Fax: (855) 219-4338

Registration & Application Fee must be paid in full.

Payment options:Cash (if paying in person)
Check or money order (if paying via mail)
Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, Discover (Contact MuniServices)
  • New Business Application Fee = $30
  • Gross Receipts Licenses = $30 License Fee for businesses starting April 1st – September 31st of current year + $30 New Application Fee + $1 CASP Fee.
  • Gross Receipts Licenses = $15 License Fee for businesses starting October 1st - March 31st of current year + $30 New Application Fee + $1 CASP Fee.
  • Flat Rate Licenses = Pay Fee outlined for business category + $30 New Application Fee + $1 CASP Fee.

Who needs a City of Ceres Business License?
Anyone that conducts business in Ceres city limits.

How long is my license good for?
Gross Receipt based licenses expire annually, but reporting/payment is due on a quarterly basis.

What is a Home Occupation Permit?
Any business that is being conducted from a home office within City limits must register with the Planning department for a home occupation permit. Contact 209-538-5774 for more information.

Where should I post my business license?
If you have a fixed place of business, the license must be posted in a visible location. If your business is mobile, carry your license with you.

I used to have a Ceres business license, how do I reactivate it?
As long as the business information (address, ownership) remains the same, you may reactivate a business license by paying the new license fees and any past due fees and taxes. There must also be a current business license application on file.

Do I have to file the Declaration of Gross Receipts forms if I have earned no income during the quarter?
Yes. You must submit a completed Declaration of Gross Receipts form to MuniServices for processing.

$0 Gross Receipt Reporting for Quarter Ending March 31st = Completed form must accompany payment of $35 for renewal fee + $1 CASP Fee = Total $36.

$0 Gross Receipt Reporting for all other Quarters = You may email the completed and signed form to MuniServices at or fax to MuniServices at (855) 219-4338.

Questions? Contact MuniServices toll free at (866) 240-3665.


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