Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Businesses and Multi-family Residences

AB 341 (Chesbro, Chapter 476, Statutes of 2011) sets forth the requirements of the statewide Mandatory Commercial Recycling (MCR) program. Businesses, including public entities and multifamily residential dwellings that consist of 5 or more units, that generate 4 or more cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week shall arrange for recycling services. 


Businesses and multifamily properties that meet the thresholds above are required to do one of the following:
  • Arrange for recycling services through the Ceres Utilities Department by calling (209) 538-5757.
  • Reduce amount of waste generated to under 4 cubic yards or less per week (businesses only).
  • Request an annual exemption for one of the qualifying reasons below by calling the Public Works Department at (209) 538-5602.


Exemptions will only be granted to those with qualifying proof. Site visits may be needed for exemption approval. Exemptions will need to be renewed on an annual basis. Failure to renew exemptions may result in non-compliance to the MCR program.
  • Lack of sufficient space to provide additional bins
  • Current business practices already result in a significant reduction in its organic waste
  • The business does not generate at least one-half cubic yard of organic waste per week
  • Limited term exemptions
  • Unforeseen events
Recycling Animated Graphic

Resources and Assistance

The City of Ceres Public Works Department is pleased to offer the following services to help your business comply with AB 341, AB 1826, and AB 827:
  • Waste Assessments – the Public Works Department can perform a waste assessment to determine your recycling needs.
  • Educational Program and Materials – the Public Works Department can develop or provide educational resources to help your business implement the right program to fit your recycling needs.
  • Program Compliance – the Public Works Department will help your business meet the requirements of AB 341, AB 1826, and AB 827.
  • To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call (209) 538-5602.