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General Information

Major Changes to Ceres Area Transit (CAT) and Ceres Dial-A-Ride (CDAR)
EFFECTIVE December 1, 2016.

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Ceres Dial-A-Ride (CDAR) is a curb-to-curb demand responsive service available for use only by people who have disabilities that prevent them from riding the CAT scheduled fixed route bus service. Service operates only within the City of Ceres and the immediate surronding unincorporated area. Ceres Dial-A-Ride can be used for any transportation purpose. Vehicles are fully accessible to passengers using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. CDAR is operated by Storer Transit Systems, Inc. under contract with the City of Ceres.

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CAT Riders Guide (includes Ceres Dial-A-Ride information)
Ceres Dial-A-Ride Fares
Ceres Dial-A-Ride Application for Eligibility

Eligibility to Ride CDAR

To be eligible to ride CDAR, you must have a disability that prevents you from riding the CAT fixed route bus service or are 65 years of age or older. From December 1 to December 31, 2016, individual reauested rides will be considered eligible based on their personal determination of eligibility at the time of the ride request. Effective January 1, 2017, after your first ride you must be registered with CDAR to be eligible for additionsl rides. Click here to download an application to apply for eligibility or request one by calling (209) 527-4991. Applications will be processed within twenty-one (21) days of CDAR's receipt of a completed application. Pursuant to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, passengers in possession of an ADA Eligibility Card issued by another transit agency may ride for a limited period of time without registering.

CDAR Hours of Operation

    Monday-Friday 6:00 AM-8:00 PM
    Saturday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
    Sunday 8:00 AM-3:00 PM

How Can I Get a Ride?

To make a reservation, call (209) 527-4991 at least 90 minutes before the time you need to be picked up.

Please provide the following information:

  • Your name,, home address and telephone number.
  • Address where you are to be picked up.
  • Address where you want to go.
  • When you want to be picked up or appointment time if applicable.
  • How many will be traveling.
  • If you need a return trip.
  • If you have a special need.
  • If you will be using a mobility device.

The dispatcher will give you an estimated time of pick up. Please be ready at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Ceres Dial-A-Ride may arrive up to 15 minutes before or after your scheduled time. If you no longer need a ride, call CDAR at least one (1) hour in advance to cancel or you will be subject to a "No Show". Three (3) No Shows within a 12 month period will cause suspension fro riding CDAR for thirty (30) days.

Can I Get Regularly Scheduled Trips?

Riders may call up to 14 days in advance to schedule a trip. Riders who have a permanent weekly schedule, may request a permanent pick up time. Riders must call in advance to cancel the scheduled trip(s), if needed.

No Service Holidays

New Years Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
  Labor Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Courtesy Rules for Riders

  1. Please be ready when the bus arrives.
  2. No smoking, eating or drinking on the bus.
  3. Drivers cannot enter your home.
  4. If you no longer need a ride, call and cancel at least one (1) hour before your scheduled trip or you may be subject to a no-show.
  5. Wheelchairs must be secured.
  6. Service animals are permitted for passengers with disabilities but must be under control of the passenger at all times.
  7. Shopping bags cannot take up any seats. This includes the area designated for wheelchairs. No more than four shopping bags are allowed. Only shopping carts that can be folded and placed out of the aisles are allowed.
  8. Strollers must be folded and not placed in aisles.

Ceres Dial-A-Ride Other Information

If you have been summoned to Jury Duty, you can ride free to the courthouse. Show your juror summons or jury bus pass to the bus driver when boarding.


If a rider wants to transfer between Ceres Dial-A-Ride and Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride, the rider must call Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride at (209) 527-4900 first, and Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride will make the arrangements for the rides and transfers.

Telephone Numbers

Ceres Dial-A-Ride and CAT  (209) 527-4991
Modesto Area Express (MAX)  (209) 521-1274
Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride (209) 527-4900
Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) (800) 262-1516

Customer Comments and Concerns

For questions or concerns, please call the Storer Transit Systems Operations Manager at (209) 527-4991. For issues that cannot be resolved by the Operations Manager, you may contact the Ceres Engineering Services Department at (209) 538-5792 or email Transit@ci.ceres.ca.us.

Engineering Services Division
2220 Magnolia Street • Ceres, California 95307 • (209) 538-5792

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