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1. If I receive water, sewer and garbage from the City of Ceres, who do I contact for electric, gas and telephone service?
2. Who do I contact for City utility services?
3. What do I need to start utility service?
4. What are the utility service rates?
5. What are the ways I can pay my utility bill?
6. What is a tampering penalty?
7. How does the City Garbage collection program work?
8. Does Ceres have a leaf pick-up program?
9. Does Ceres have a program for curbside pick-up of bulky items?
10. What does a Sewer Collection System consist of and what are some of the common causes of Sewer Overflows?
11. My sewer line is backing up in my house. Will the City unplug my line?
12. I've had a plumber come several times and said there are tree roots in my sewer line. What can I do to help this problem without replacing the line?
13. Where is my house lateral line located?
14. Where are the clean-outs for my house lateral line located?
15. Where does our water come from?
16. Is the City of Ceres water tested on a regular basis?
17. Does the City have a water conservation program and how does this impact me?
18. My water has a bad smell, like something rotten. Will the City come out and check the problem?
19. Will the City come and repair a leak by my meter?
20. My water is a milky color. What could be wrong with it?
21. Will the City repair my leaky or broken water service?
22. Can I turn my water on or off at the meter valve?
23. What happens to the sewer water after it goes down the drain?
24. Why would my water bill go up a lot in one month (only metered, mostly commercial accounts)?
25. My water pressure is low. What can I check myself before calling the City?