Stanislaus County, California
Sheriff's Department
Les Weidman, Sheriff-Coroner

January 14, 2005 (Friday)
2:00PM-For immediate release
Contact: Jason Woodman (209) 606-8289


Modesto, Ca* Authorities have discovered information during the investigation into the Ceres Police Shooting that shows Andres Raya was a norteno gang member who was not involved in combat during his tour of duty in Iraq.

A cooperative effort between Stanislaus Sheriff's Detectives, local law enforcement, FBI, NCIS, Department of Justice, and Marine Corp has revealed a large amount of information about Andres Raya in a short amount of time.

Authorities discovered a video camera and tape that had been seized on December 28, 2004 after a burglary at Ceres High School. That video allegedly belonged to Raya. The videotape shows Raya smoking what appears to be marijuana in several different clips, 'throwing' gang signs, and showing gang graffiti while bragging that he wrote it. It also showed a United States flag that had been cut up and arranged on the high school gymnasium floor to spell out "F* Bush".

Other information gathered shows that Raya had not been involved in any combat situations while he was in Iraq. Raya had told people in the past that he wanted an SKS Assault Rifle because "it would go through a cops vest."

The toxicology report for Raya was expedited and it revealed he had a significant amount of cocaine in his blood stream.

For information regarding this press release please contact Sheriff's Spokesman Jason Woodman (209) 606-8289.