Engineering Department

The Director/City Engineer oversees the Engineering Department.

The primary function of the Engineering Department is to promote the orderly development of the City by providing general engineering services to regulate the construction of municipal structures, city streets, sewage disposal, water supply and storm drainage facilities.

The Engineering Department is responsible for issuing encroachment and water/sewer connection permits, maintaining the City's maps, preparing the plans and specifications for most of the City's major projects, and providing drawings to help other departments.

The Engineering Department provides design and inspection services for most of the City's capital improvement programs. The Division also reviews and inspects all improvements to the City's infrastructure, including all new subdivisions. Drawing and mapping services are also provided for other departments of the City.

The Department also oversees traffic safety, solid waste and recycling services, and public transportation services.

Smyrna Park Renovation Project is scheduled to begin the Week of September 25-30, 2023.

In March 2022, the City was awarded grant funds to improve the Smyrna Community Park from the new Clean California Local Grant Program (CCLGP). The City was 1 in 105 recipients in the State to receive an award; a total of 329 applications were submitted.  This exciting news has sparked a great deal of activity among our staff, who are committed to improving Smyrna Park and creating a safe and functional space for all park users. Prior to the grant submittal as well as during the early stages of the design process, the city collaborated with Ceres Unified School District, obtained public feedback on Parks in the City, and participated in events to solicit community input directly on this project. 

In support of the CCLPG goals and public feedback, the proposed Park improvements focuses on several key areas: create and enhance areas to increase safety for park users, provide more community gathering space, provide users better access and view of the park’s amenities. Major enhancements include accessible pathways to/and within the park, safe vehicle, and pedestrian circulation, increase covered and shade areas for event gatherings, additional lighting and security cameras to deter vandalism, improve and incorporating local artwork to reinforce a sense of community space and ownership.

The Contractor McFadden Construction, will begin work in late September and we are excited to see the progress as we work towards a grand reopening in June-July of 2024. We are proud to be contributing to the beautification and improvement of our local public spaces, and we look forward to continuing this important work in the years to come.

Please see the Conceptual Plan (PDF) for more information on the enhancements and beautifications of the park and the  Construction Fence Line (PDF) for the park improvement limits. 

Updated 9/22/2023