Engineering Permits & Fees

The Engineering Division provides permit applications and fee requirements for Encroachment Permits and Water and Sewer Connection Permits.

Permit Forms

Encroachment Permit Requirements & Procedures

  • $1 million in Liability Insurance Policy
  • Applicant must be a licensed contractor
  • Applicant must possess a City business license
  • Applicant must contact USA at 800-227-2600

In order to request an inspection, please call 209-538-5792 24 hours in advance.

Application for Encroachment and/or Utility Connection Permit (PDF)

Storm Water Pollution Prevention Permit Requirements & Procedures

Construction Site Storm Water Runoff Control

Under state mandates, developers will need to obtain State Water Resources Control Board General Permit coverage if storm water discharges from a site, and if construction activities result in one or more acres of land disturbance, including clearing, grading, excavating, staging areas, and stockpiles. If a project is less than an acre but part of a larger project such as a single family home in a new subdivision, the builder will need to comply with the storm water management program and obtain a SWRCB permit.

Developers will need to follow certain procedures to make sure that sediment, construction debris, cements, paints, chemicals, etc., do not enter storm drains or pollute groundwater and surface water. The City will perform the inspections. The Regional Water Quality Control Board will make sure that the City and developers are in compliance.

Online State Water Pollution Prevention Permit for Construction