The Ceres Police Department’s Investigations Unit is overseen by Special Operations Lieutenant Chris Perry and is supervised by Detective Sergeant Trenton Johnson. In addition, there are three detectives who investigate all major crimes. 

Detective Sergeant Trenton Johnson

Phone: 209-538-5672

Email Trenton Johnson

Detective Julio Amador

Crimes Against Children

Phone: 209-538-5729

Email Julio Amador

Detective Jon 


Property Crimes

Phone: 209-538-5730

Email Jon Vera

Detective Matthew Berlier

Crimes Against Persons

Phone: 209-538-5616

Email Matthew Berlier

Detective Brian Petersen

General Crimes

Phone: 209-538-5627

Email Brian Petersen

How to Register:

If you need to register as a Sex, Drug or Arson Registrant, please call Detective Sergeant Johnson at 209-538-5672 to schedule an appointment.