Only seniors and persons with disabilities may ride Ceres Dial-A-Ride.

Ceres Dial-A-Ride Fares Effective December 1, 2016

Type of Fare
Seniors (Age 65+) and Persons With Disabilities
Children Age 5 or Younger (2 Maximum)*
10-Ride Magnetic Strip Fare Card
CDAR Drivers Accept the $10 Fast Fare Magnetic Strip Card
Transfers to Other Transit Systems (See Below for More Information)

*Two children age 5 or younger may ride free when accompanied by an eligible fare-paying passenger. Additional young children must pay the general fare. Children less than 7 years old may not ride by themselves regardless of disability.


If you have been summoned to Jury Duty you can ride free to and from the courthouse. Show your Juror summons or jury bus pass to the driver when boarding.

Personal Care Attendant (PCA)

One PCA can ride free with a person who requires assistance to board, ride, or disembark the vehicle.

Eligibility to Ride CDAR

See the Ceres Dial-A-Ride General Information page for information regarding who may ride CDAR and application forms that must be submitted to request eligibility.

How to Purchase Magnetic Strip Cards

Magnetic strip Fare Cards can be purchased from the bus driver (cash only), at Ceres City Hall, or through the mail. If by mail, make a check or money order payable to the City of Ceres and send to:

City of Ceres Finance Department
Attention: Ceres Transit Fare Cards
2220 Magnolia Street
Ceres, CA 95307

Riders and agencies may contact the Finance Department to arrange for pickup of Fare Cards by calling 209-538-5757. Payment is due at the time the Fare Cards are picked up. No payments will be taken over the phone. City of Ceres does not accept credit or debit cards.


Transfers to MAX, Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride and StaRT for 25 cents. Notify the MAX driver if you want to transfer to Ceres Dial-A-Ride. Transfers are allowed only at transfer points on the map.

If a rider wants to transfer between Ceres Dial-A-Ride and Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride, the rider must call Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride at 209-527-4900 first, and Modesto Area Dial-A-Ride will make the arrangements for the rides and transfers.

If a rider is on MAX and needs to transfer to Ceres Dial-A-Ride, the rider needs to notify the MAX driver. The driver will notify MAX dispatch and arrange for a Ceres Dial-A-Ride bus.