Art & Nature Opportunities

DISPLAY YOUR ART - Local artists, photographers, quilters, poets or sculptures and alike are encouraged to display their work in the Ceres Community Center.  We have several dedicated areas to honor art.  If you are interested please contact Cambria at (209) 538-5782 or email

THE PEACE POLE PROJECT - Putting art and peace in our community through decorated wood posts.  These poles will be painted and sponsored by families, organizations and friends alike with bright colors and messages of hope and peace.  These pieces of art will be placed in our 3 community parks.  Each post will be designed by it's group and the message they paint on it will be their choice as well. The pole will also have the sponsor's name on it. Materials and supplies will be provided. The Peace Pole sponsorship is $50.00

KID'S ART CAMP Children 6-12 years will create art that will be placed in our community.  Art to include; a park mural, a peace pole and an art piece for our community garden. Take an opportunity to enrich your child's mind and soul.  Materials and supplies will be provided for the student. Will be conducted in the Arts and Crafts Room as well as outdoor locations near the Ceres Community Center. $105


  • Life Lab Camp for Kids, July 2 - July 6

    cultivates children's love of learning, healthy food, and nature through garden-based education.  Children will work at the community garden, learn about water conservation, and recycling. $105
  • Wilderness Warriors Camp, June 18 - June 22

     is a nature-based learning program, designed to promote children to the outdoors in a fun and safe setting.  Children will participate in unstructured and structured nature activities as they explore the lower bluff of Ceres River Bluff Regional Park.  Volunteer speakers will present on a variety of topics including:  wilderness first aid, bird watching, plant identification, fire building, fishing, Native American traditions, and shelter building.  

    Classes will be led and supervised by the Recreation Department staff and will take place primarily at River Bluff, unless inclement weather does not allow.  Children should arrive in play clothes and be prepared to get dirty as they participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities.  There will be exploratory hikes, storytelling, nature crafts, and much more!

    Please Note:  Classes will take place exclusively in an outdoor setting.  Recreation staff is trained in first aid, however if your child has an allergy to insect bites, stings, foods, or plants, please let us know prior to the program.

    CERES COMMUNITY GARDEN - The Ceres Community Garden located at the corner of 5th & Lawrence should be open by late Spring 2018.  This will be a wonderful addition to our community providing volunteering opportunities, a food box program, education and hands on gardening experience.  Email for more information or check out the Ceres Community Garden Facebook page.