Measure L

 To share or print a summary of your local gas tax see the Ceres Measure L Newsletter                                                                           Updated: 7/14/2023

Measure L is a ½ cent sales tax that was approved by Stanislaus County voters in November of 2016 to provide funding for local transportation improvements and street maintenance. With these voter-approved local transportation funds, the City of Ceres is able to maintain and improve their transportation system. The City of Ceres is also more successful in competing for funding of state and federal transportation dollars. Measure L funds must stay local and can only be spent on local streets & roads, traffic management, and bike & pedestrian improvements. 

Local Streets and Roads

Ceres completes two paving projects each year. A pavement resurfacing project and pavement rehabilitation project. Pavement resurfacing includes crack seal, slurry seal, and cape seal. These treatments help preserve the pavement and extend the useful life of the material. Pavement resurfacing includes full depth asphalt repairs and grind & overlays. Project areas currently being reviewed by staff are Whitmore Avenue, Moffet Road, Crows Landing Road, and 5th Street. 

Traffic Management 

Signalized and unsignalized intersections require periodic assessment and evaluation. City staff and professional consultants assess and implement modifications to signals, signs, striping, markers, and roadway geometry. Citizen requests are received, documented, and studied to make the best and most effective improvements. At this time, staff is pursuing implementing speed humps, additional signs, striping modifications, speed feedback signs in and around neighborhoods in the City. 

Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

The Active Transportation Masterplan accepted in 2021 serves as the guiding document for improving bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the City. The public outreach completed to draft this document is the direct feedback from daily users. Staff is actively pursuing improvements on El Camino Avenue, Herndon Avenue, Hatch Road, Whitmore Avenue, and Moffet Road.

For project specific details and photographs please see the table below. For further information please reach out to Assistant Engineer Max Navarro at (209) 538-5630 or send an email to  Please visit the Stanislaus County's website frequently for updates.

Updated: 10/26/2023