Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing is an important maintenance activity to clean and flush the City water mains.  Over time, small particles, minerals, and sand can settle in the bottom of water mains.  Fire hydrants are opened to move large volumes of water at a higher-than-normal velocity through the mains.  This procedure mobilizes particles and minerals that have settled over time and flushes them out of the system.  This activity assists the City in maintaining the highest quality of water in the public water system.

Hydrant Flushing

This program may cause periods of discolored water and reduced water pressure in localized areas where flushing is being conducted.  The discoloration of water is due to the mobilization of particles and minerals that have settled in the water main by the high velocity water before being discharged through the fire hydrants.  The water will remain safe to use and generally clears within a few hours after flushing has been completed.  Residents should monitor their water prior to starting laundry, especially when washing white clothes.  If water discoloration persists for several hours, the City urges customers to call the City of Ceres Water Division at (209) 538-5732.

Although customers will continue to have water service during this program, flushing operations may activate low-pressure alarms on automatic fire sprinkler systems due to temporary reductions in water pressure.

Commercial customers, especially businesses that serve the public, should be aware of the water quality while flushing is taking place in their area.

Due to the nature of the flushing program, it is difficult to determine the exact day we will flush in each area.  For that reason, the Water Division will update the City’s website regularly to provide a map of the region being flushed and a map of the region that will be flushed next, to help keep the public up to date on our progress.

The City thanks Ceres residents and businesses for their patience and apologizes for any inconvenience our program may cause.  Please contact the City of Ceres Water Division at (209) 538-5732 with any questions or concerns.

Current Flushing Area: