City-Wide Active Transportation Plan (ATP)


Ceres Active Transportation Plan


What Is the Plan?

The City of Ceres is preparing a Citywide Active Transportation Plan!

The Citywide Active Transportation Plan is an exciting opportunity to provide enhanced connections and safe infrastructure for people walking and bicycling in Ceres. It will provide strategies and recommended projects for pedestrian and bicycle improvements throughout the city. The Plan will incorporate abundant local community input, with creative engagement intended to bring a wide variety of voices to the planning process.

What Are the Plan’s Key Objectives?

The Plan’s main objectives are to:

Enhance safety, convenience and comfort for people walking and bicycling to/from local destinations such as:

  1. Residential neighborhoods
  2. Local schools
  3. Local parks
  4. Places of employment
  5. Shopping centers
  6. Downtown Ceres

What is Active Transportation? 

Active transportation refers to any form of transportation that is human powered, primarily walking and bicycling.  A high-quality Active Transportation Network provides safe, comfortable, and enjoyable pathways and bikeways that connect people to neighborhoods, destinations and transit stops.


If you have any questions on the Ceres Citywide Active Transportation Plan, please contact Max Navarro at or at (209) 538-5630.