File an Online Report

How to report a crime or incident that occurred in Ceres?

There are several ways to file a report with the Ceres Police Department. Depending on the type of report or incident you may be referred to make an online report, phone report, or in-person report. Some crimes or incidents require an in-person report due to documentation or evidence requirements.

Please keep in mind that not all incidents are a police matter. You may be referred to another agency or department to report an incident or issue. 

To file a police report, see the options below:

- For crimes in progress or emergencies, call 911

- For crimes or incidents that previously occurred or not an emergency, call 209-538-5712.

- Crimes and incidents may be report, in person at the Ceres Police Department 24/7. If the lobby doors are locked, press the button to the side of the doors to speak with a dispatcher. The Ceres Police Department is located at 2727 Third Street, Ceres.

- For crimes that occurred previously, occurred within the city limits of Ceres, and have no suspect information an online report can be filed for the following crimes or incidents:

            - Add Supplemental Information to a Burglary Report

            - Harassing Phone Call(s)

            - Hit and Run Traffic Collision

            - Identity Theft

            - Lost Property

            - Theft

            - Vandalism

            - Vehicle Burglary

            - Vehicle Tampering

            - Violation of a Child Custody Order



Online reporting is easy to use and provides immediate documentation of a crime or incident. All online reports are reviewed by a member of the Ceres Police Department for accuracy and/or missing information. Simply follow the prompts and fill in the blanks. 

Documentation and photographs may be uploaded to an online report with a maximum size of 20.0 MB. The supported document types are image/gif, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, image/jfif.

Our online reporting is powered by CopLogic. Please turn off your pop-up blocking software before filing your report.

NOTICE: Please see the breakdown above of what you can report online. Reports filed online that did not occur in Ceres, have suspect information, or do not meet the above-mentioned crime or incident types will be rejected.