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City Clerk Forms

  1. Ceres Centennial Committee Interest Form

    The City of Ceres is celebrating its 100th Birthday in 2018 and we welcome you to get involved!

Police Forms

  1. Ceres Police Department Commendation Form
  2. Ceres Police Department Employee Complaint Form
  3. Neighborhood Traffic Issue Report Form
  4. Police Commendation Form
  5. Register your Neighborhood Watch Group
  1. Ceres Police Department Community Feedback Form
  2. Incident and Case Request (Citizen Only)

    Requests for copies of Incidents or Cases can be made using the following form. There Ceres Police Department will make available the... More…

  3. Neighbors Program Submission Form

    The information you submit in this form will not be shared with a private business or used for advertising purposes. This information... More…

  4. Police Complaint Form

Utility Forms

  1. Ask The Utility Billing Department

    Submit your questions about utility billing, sewer connections, and trash services here.